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Our family’s history of growing grapes and making wine stretches back to our great-great-great-grandfather, Moses Stice, who settled in the Napa Valley in the 1850’s. His grandson, Lafayette Stice, our great-grandfather, learned winemaking at the Harris Winery (now Martin Estates) and then went on to make wine at Brun and Chaix Winery (now Ladera). He finished his professional wine making career as the director of winemaking at Inglenook Winery after Gustave Niebaum’s death. Our grandfather and father carried on the farming and winemaking tradition.


We are the four sons of John Piña Jr. and Arline (Glos) Piña. Our parents started Piña Vineyard Management in the 1960 and we started the winery in the 1979. We take pride in sharing with you the traditions of farming and winemaking passed down to us over many generations.


Piña is one of the Napa Valley’s secret wineries perched above the Silverado Trail east of Rutherford. At Piña, Cabernet Sauvignon is our focus and our passion. Our tiny winery is home to five vineyard-designated Cabernet Sauvignons from the vineyards that our family farms in the Napa Valley.

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